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Technical Documentation USE in the MoD

End User Field Study

Understanding the end-user

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Key objectives

The field study has a number of objectives

Understand the end user today

Understand the challenges facing todays tech docs/data users. How TD is being used, accessed and updated (comparing the theory to the reality).

Aid Policy, Advice and Guidance

Help guide future policy to support the end user of tomorrow to meet MoD wider TD needs

Verify the theory

Verify that the methods of tech data production and delivery today are meeting MoD needs and objectives as well as meeting end-user demands

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about the study.

Why the study?

The key objectives are as listed on this site, however we are looking to understand the good and the bad of TD usage withing the MoD, what are our end users doing and if/how we can improve usage of TD

Who is TDW?

TDW (Tech Data World) is an independent and agnostic commercial organisations that is funding and sponsoring this activity (CAP 1) on behalf of the CTDWG (Combined Technical Documentation Working Group), which sits under the UKCeB.

At TDW we have been supporting and advising both military and commercial organisations in sensible and productive tech data strategies for their projects. We are all ex-military and understand the field of technology and TD specification driven data production and the various challenges it brings!

Who can get involved?

Anyone who uses a full commercial email address (open email addresses like GMAIL, Hotmail, Google etc will be ignored) can be informed of the activities of the field study and have an input. We are particularly keen to hear from those who supply technical documentation to the UK MoD as well as MoD Project Teams are key to the success of this study.

Where will the results go?

The aim is to present the initial findings of the study at the annual TDW conference ( on Day 3 - which is the MoD and Defence focused day. Once TDW has gathered enough data a summary report will be released via the UKCeB.

Our network will not allow us to use your contact forms!

We have tried to minimize the number of scripts that run on our pages to meet MoD network restrictions, if you are still unable to get through to us you can call us on 01243 861 546, go to the Technical Documentation Portal on Dii or email us at

What are you looking for from participants?

We are currently in a requirements gathering and awareness phase, therefore we are looking to project teams and technical documentation experts in the UK MoD to have their say on what they believe the study must capture. So at this early stage it is all those who are keen to have an input into what the study will capture from end users.